Oysters At White Horse

The history of the oyster stretches back thousands of years & its impact on culinary culture has been significant. To do the subject justice you would require an encyclopedia, so for our purposes it’s enough to say that oysters were first enjoyed by primitive man over 160, 000 years ago & have developed a rich heritage & culture in the many years since.

Although now considered a luxury item, oysters were traditionally the food of the working class as they were affordable & easily obtained. Edinburgh itself was once famous for its oyster taverns spread across the old town & indeed the headquarters of The Bank Of Scotland, located just up the Royal Mile on The Mound sits atop a giant heap of discarded oyster shells.

Today we enjoy oysters from across the United Kingdom & offer a selection which celebrate the diversity. Here at White Horse we serve the below oysters.......


Situated near Cairndow Loch Fyne have been growing oysters since 1978. Their motto, Gaelic phrase ‘Nach Urramach an Cuan’, or ‘How worthy of honour is the sea’ & highlights their philosophy perfectly. The guiding principle behind Loch Fyne Oysters is to present the best on authentic Scottish seafood, sustainability whilst making a positive impact on the community.  After 2-3 years of care & attention on the Loch’s sandy shores, each oyster is graded & purified in filtered natural seawater with only the best hand selected for their customers.

Taste: Soft with a clean zinc finish


The family run Carlingford Oyster Company, founded in 1974, has had the privilege of working in the heart of Carlingford Lough, Ireland where oysters have thrived for many centuries. In Carlingford Lough they have a huge exchange of water with each tide which provides the nutrients on which the oysters feed. In conjunction with this, freshwater flowing in from the mountain sides north & south of the Lough give Carlingford Oysters a very rich & distinctive flavour. This unique sweet taste & high meat content of the Carlingford Oyster is one of nature's real treasures.

Taste: Nutty & sweet with a delicious after taste


The Caledonian Oyster Company is a family business who farm oysters in the clear waters of Loch Creran, just north of Oban in Argyll, Scotland. They farm Pacific oysters or Crassostrea Gigas & were recently awarded ‘Best Native Oysters’ at the Association of Scottish Shellfish Growers for 2017/18.

Taste: Big fruity flavours & a tangy finish


The Lindisfarne Oyster Farm lies on the site of the oyster beds established by the Monks of Lindisfarne Priory with evidence suggesting they were founded in 1381 when the Monks bought an oyster filled boat from a Scotsman for 100 shillings. They begin their life in the hatchery and then transferred to oyster beds in the sea off Lindisfarne. Using only the natural resources of the cool, pure Lindisfarne waters for their food; they can take up to four years to reach maturity. After a 42 hour purification period the oysters are ready to enjoy.

Taste: Mineral notes & subtle sweet flavours

With such diversity of provenance & flavours our recommendation is to enjoy each oyster & take your own oyster tour around the UK. We serve ours with the option of Tabasco, shallot vinegar, lemon however some enjoy the natural option with no dressing to experience the full fresh flavour.  

Whatever your oyster preference we're sure you'll love our range at White Horse.